Weekly Wellness 8/11/2022

"You don't realize how much you've neglected yourself, until you make yourself a priority again" - Unknown

A while back someone asked, "Are you one of those people who is always doing something, even on your days off?". It was such a straightforward question, and made me admit to myself, "yes, yes I am".

My 'to do' list is never complete. There's always something else that could be done in the house, for work, to read or study.

But taking time to care for yourself, do things for yourself, and just relax, is not only important, but needed for your mental health and wellness.

WEEKLY WELLNESS TIP: This week, make yourself a priority. Go to that yoga class. Binge watch that Netflix show. Spend the day at the beach. Do things for you, and notice how making yourself a priority is reflected in your mood and happiness.