Weekly Wellness 8/19/2022

"Life without problems is like ocean without water. Which is really impossible" - Bilal Khan

You wake up to a flat tire. Your stable patient that you've admitted for a hip fracture suddenly goes into a.fib with RVR. You break a tooth on the fork while eating your salad.

All of those stink. All of those make me think, "Ugh, can NOTHING ever be simple?"

But if we think this way every time something doesn't go according to plan, our life simply becomes one set of problems after another. An endless set of obstacles to overcome.

But if we instead expect problems and approach them as just a part of the human experience, they won't seem so frustrating or overwhelming.

WEEKLY WELLNESS TIP: This week, when something doesn't go according to plan, try not to get frustrated. Instead of approaching it as a problem, accept it's a part of everyday life, work on remedying it, and move on happily with your day.