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About Be Well Heal Well

Be Well Heal Well is a site dedicated to improving the overall wellness of Emergency Department physicians.

The philosophy of wellness presented here is the original creation of Dr. Badwards, also an Emergency Department physician, and seeks to incorporate small, simple, daily actions we can all take to make ourselves, our colleagues, and our loved ones feel more peaceful and content.

New items are added weekly to the Weekly Wellness Newsletter and coming soon, articles and additional resources will be added periodically that will also aid in practical wellness solutions.

About Dr. Badwards

Dr. Badwards is a full-time Emergency Department physician in Chicago, IL.

Her journey into Wellness began when she recognized the lack of practical wellness teaching for Emergency Physicians and created the Weekly Wellness Newsletter for her fellow doctors and residents.

As her career progressed, she has nurtured her passion for wellness and self-care and has taken on Wellness Leadership roles, provides lectures, and is a guest speaker on the subject.

Aside from being a doctor, Dr. Badwards also has 4 children, 2 cats, a banjo, an insatiable appetite for bad tv, and enjoys time at home with her family.

She speaks of wellness from her own experiences. She too has stress in the workplace and struggles to find the right work and home life balance. She presents the information in this website as your peer, who also strives to improve her wellness, and who would like to share the lessons she has learned along the way.