Weekly Wellness 4/27/2021

"I've just always had a bad temper"
"I'm an anxious person. It runs in my family"
"Everyone in my family runs late. It's in my blood'

Recently, during wellness discussions, I've heard many people say, "that's just my personality". We all have aspects of our personality that are stronger than others. Maybe you tend to be more reserved, or more outgoing. Maybe you tend to act before you think, or think so much that it paralyzes you from acting!

But that doesn't mean we can't grow as people, and change things about ourselves for the better. Maybe you do get upset quickly, but you can take a step back, and do some relaxation exercises before acting on those feelings. Maybe you do tend towards having anxious feelings, but you can learn methods to manage that anxiety and not have it control your life. And you can decide not to be a 'late person'. Decide today that you'll simply start leaving 10 minutes earlier, and have time to yourself when you arrive at your destination.

WEEKLY WELLNESS TIP: This week, think about those personality traits you think are hardwired, that you would like to change. Consider taking steps towards improving those aspects of your life, or at least rethinking the idea of "that's just the way I am".