Weekly Wellness 3/3/2021

"Everyone makes mistakes. The wise are not people who never make mistakes, but those who forgive themselves and learn from their mistakes" -Ajahn Brahm

Does the waitress ever mess up your order in a restaurant? Have you been overcharged because the cashier forgot to ring in the coupon? Ever had to call tech support because they screwed up your username?

Everybody makes mistakes in their jobs. Unfortunately, when we make mistakes, people get hurt. Sometimes people die. We are not perfect. It is unreasonable for us to expect ourselves to be perfect, but we do.

Once we let go of this expectation, accept that we will make mistakes, and forgive ourselves for those mistakes, our lives become much less stressful.

WEEKLY WELLNESS TIP: This week, don't make excuses for your mistakes. Don't obsess over your mistakes. Bring them to mind, learn from them, then let them go. You will make mistakes. That doesn't make you a bad doctor, or a bad person.