Weekly Wellness 1/27/2021

"You must unlearn what you have learned" -Yoda

(Yes, after 5 years of the Weekly Wellness, I gave in and did a Star Wars quote)

This week, I offer a challenge. Unlearn something you have learned, that will bring you less stress, and more peace.

Did you know you don't have to fold sheets and blankets? You can just toss em in the closet.

It's ok to go to bed with a full sink of dirty dishes.

Turns out, if you don't want to, you don't have to make your bed.

You don't have to return that email right away. It can wait a couple days, or a few days, or longer.

Your kids can watch more than an hour of TV a day. They can watch TV all day sometimes. And so can you.

Your parents didn't do everything right. Your mentors didn't do everything right. You can do things your own way. And that's ok.

WEEKLY WELLNESS TIP: This week, unlearn something that doesn't enhance your wellness. Just because we've always done something one way, doesn't mean we have to keep doing it that way.