Weekly Wellness 1/6/2021

Does running late affect your wellness?

Today you hit snooze 3 times and gained 20 extra minutes of sleep. What did that 20 minutes cost?

What could have been a pleasant hot shower, is now just an extra obstacle to getting out the door.

Instead of feeling good about your well done hair and makeup, you feel poorly put together.

Instead of making a good breakfast and healthy lunch, you grab 3 unsatisfying granola bars, and feel hungry all day.

You are angry at every driver who does any little thing to slow you down.

You arrive to work 5 minutes late, still angry at the drivers on the road, with barely enough time to get your coat off before seeing your first patient. Your colleagues are silently frustrated with you for showing up late.

You stay 2 hours late because you spent all day seeing way too many patients to make up for the fact that you were late.

You go home exhausted, crash on the couch, and think about what a stressful day it was.

Does running late affect your wellness? What did that 20 minutes cost?

WEEKLY WELLNESS TIP: This week, consider being early, and take note of how it affects your entire day.