Weekly Wellness 12/23/2020

My 5 year old daughter looked out the window and said, "it's beautiful outside". It was about 20 degrees. There were no leaves on the trees. The snow had been there for a week, dirty, yellow-brown, half melted, revealing the dead, wet, grass underneath. A cloudy grey day, threatening to rain.

Confused, I asked "Why is it beautiful?"

She said, "Look at the sky. It's grey, but you can see clouds sometimes too. It's beautiful."

It's easy to walk into work and see all the bad. Nursing shortages, angry patients, irate coworkers. But maybe it's easier than we think to look past all that and find something beautiful where there seemingly is nothing.

WEEKLY WELLNESS TIP: This week, when you walk into what may seem like a terrible situation, find something beautiful. In your patients, in a helpful coworker. Maybe just in the fact that you're well enough to be able to do the job you love every day. It may be easier than you think to find.