Weekly Wellness 2/17/2021

Think about your last shift. What are some things that bothered you? A patient who is non-compliant with care? A nurse who forgot to chart all the vital signs? A regular, back again for the same non-emergent issue?

Now think if those things used to bother you. When you showed up for your first day of work after graduating, would those things have upset you?

The patients haven't changed. The coworkers haven't changed. If there are things that bother you that never did before, it's possible you have changed.

It's worth it for our own wellness, happiness, and frustration level, to reassess the little things that bother us, and decide if these little frustrations are worth our mental well-being.

WEEKLY WELLNESS TIP: This week, take note of things that frustrate you. Are they worth turning a good day into a bad one? Consider that they may not be frustrations that are innate, but have instead grown over time, and can be reversed.