Weekly Wellness 12/2/2020

"Rather than looking for who to blame, look for the solution!" - Catherine Pulsifer

Hospitals are busier than ever. Labs are lost or delayed, consultants take forever to call back, rooms are slow to be cleaned.

It's easy to place blame, and forget that every consultant, nurse, tech, lab worker, environmental worker, are also understaffed and overwhelmed with the surge in patients.

Last night I worked with a resident who recognized these delays, but placed no blame. He started IV's. He called the lab himself to ensure they had specimens. He did his own EKG's. Instead of placing blame, he found solutions. He made the ER a more positive and collegial place to be.

WEEKLY WELLNESS TIP: This week, instead of placing blame for delays, step back and recognize the difficulties every department is facing. Be the person who, instead of complaining, finds solutions.